For our suppliers

Our goal is to be the best in property management – and in this connection we need the help of our suppliers. This means that we continually work with the efficiency of our internal routines.

An important component of this includes electronic scanning of all purchase invoices. This applies equally to those we receive per ordinary mail and electronic invoices. The electronic invoice is subsequently used in an electronic workflow for approval and payment.

It is important that requirements for invoice standards are met to ensure timely payment. Read more about our invoice requirements below.

JPS Suppliers

Proper address and property number

We want your help to become more efficient, which means that each invoice must contain information about property number and address. This information is best given in the “requester field” or the corresponding box at the top of the invoice. Property number etc. are shown on the property list.

Correct owner

We daily get invoices issued to the wrong company. t is not permitted to pay these in accordance with applicable VAT and tax regulations. Invoices must be issued to the property owner. The list of properties shows the rightful owner.

Invoices at the end of the month

We have a goal of preparing monthly reports for the individual property companies no later than the 15th of the following month.

For us, it is professional to be able to deliver periode financial statements at this time, so we can move on with the new month.

We therefore need to receive invoices no later than 5 working days of the new month Otherwise they will be returned with a message stating that a new date of invoice is required.

Payment Terms

We also experience suppliers with very short payment terms, which we often do not have a chance to comply with. his is very unfortunate for us as we run a professional company and therefore do not wish to appear on various lists of arrears.

We therefore ask for at least 21 days net as term of payment so that there is enough time for approval of invoices internally and any possible clarification of discrepancies.