JPS Agro

JPS Agro invests in farm land

JPS has long held a wish to invest in farmland for leasing for some time now. More long-term, it is thought that forestry in particular could have an active role to play in the JPS group’s overall climate profile, making it possible to reduce total CO2 emissions.

In summer 2021, we bought an agricultural property situated between two of Denmark’s highest peaks: ‘Ejer Bavnehøj’ and ‘Yding Skovhøj’. The farm lies across a 100-hectare plot, which equates to one square kilometre of land. 75 hectares of this are good arable land, which is going to be used for annual crops. In 2021 one of the crops is malting barley, which is used to produce beer. There are also 22 hectares of mixed forest at the farm, about half of which is located in a ‘Natura 2000’ area.

Forestry is of particular interest for the environment, because trees absorb CO2 from the air. 22 hectares of forest contribute, on average, to the ‘binding’ of 220 tonnes of CO2 each year, which is the equivalent of about 25 people’s annual consumption of the same.