JPS Marselis - Whistle-blower scheme

Whistleblower scheme

The JPS Marselis Group has an internal, Group-wide whistleblower scheme, which is implemented by JPS Marselis ApS.

The JPS Marselis Group whistleblower scheme allows employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders connected to the companies of the JPS Marselis Group to, in good faith and without risk of reprisal, report suspicions or specific knowledge of violation of EU law, serious offences or other serious situations at the JPS Marselis Group. For example:

  • Misuse of financial resources, theft, fraud, embezzlement, bribery and forgery of documents
  • Serious breaches of occupational safety and environmental regulations
  • Threatening behaviour, physical violence, sexual harassment or other serious harassment

Any of these situations should be reported using the online form below, which can be filled out in the local language of the respective JPS Marselis Group company or in English if you prefer.

You can find the other languages here:


Reports are confidential.

The Whistleblower policy for the JPS Marselis Group outlines what you can report, how a disclosure is dealt with and the rights of the people involved, among other things. We encourage you to read the whistleblower policy before submitting a disclosure.

Personal data policy – whistle-blower scheme outlines how the JPS Marselis Group processes personal data in connection with information disclosed under the whistleblower scheme.

Submit a disclosure here


If you wish to submit your report anonymously, then DO NOT fill out the entry fields asking for your name and contact details.

If you wish to submit your report and be identified, then fill out the entry fields asking for your name and contact details.

You can submit your report using the following form: