JPS Marselis - Owner

Who are we?

The owners of JPS Marselis ApS, Jan Rasmussen, Peter N. Andersen og Søren Chr. Madsen, have worked together since 1986.

For the first 15 years the activities included primarily acquisitions and administration of private rental properties in the larger university cities. Today the portfolio consists of more than 1.200 residential leases and approximately 100 commercial leases in Denmark.

These activities are done by JPS Properties.

JPS Clemens was founded in May 2004 with the purpose of investing in companies with a strong performance. This company currently includes all companies under JPS Industry.

When JPS invests in companies, we do so with active ownership and increased value in mind. This means that JPS participates with members of the board of directors who match the commercial challenges of the company and will actively participate in strategy development.

The Group

Employs approximately 365 employees

Has a yearly turnover of approximately DKK 494 million

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