In continuation of our vision, mission and values, we naturally seem to have the following mission with regard to CSR:

“We aim to treat the individual with respect and take responsibility for the Group’s environment and environmental impact, by inspiring employees, suppliers and customers to take responsibility.”

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JPS Marselis - CSR

In order to ensure the link between CSR and business, we work internally to create concrete value through e.g.:

  • Energy savings through reduced electricity, water and heat consumption.
  • Employee satisfaction and commitment through involvement, communication, education, well-being, health and safety.
  • Customer loyalty and preferred supplier status through risk management in the supply chain and close cooperation with customers.
  • Product development through environmental improvement, climate action, certification and communication.
  • Strengthening of the brand with a green profile, social initiatives and philanthropic support.

Through business cases in the group’s employee magazine JPS Journal, for example, where we seek to illustrate the above mentioned economic and social benefits of CSR work.

Ongoing improvements are made concrete through weekly whiteboard meetings, as well as management’s permanent value-based focus on the area.

Corporate social responsibility (§99a)

Read ourcorporate social responsibility accounts, cf. Danish Financial Statements Act §99a